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6 September 1987
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I'm a student, still learning the ways of life. Generally shy and unsociable in nature. Also a bit of a crybaby. But once you're past that first layer of awkwardness, I'm loud, crazy and perverted. If that doesn't scare you, we'll be great buddies.
I love music, visual art, architecture and almost everything about art apart from its history. Despite this, I'm taking science as my degree because chemistry is love and I'm too lazy to do art.
I love anime, manga and seiyuu. I adore yaoi/shounen-ai. I listen to BL drama CD and attempted to do the moan once in the shower. I ended up laughing.
My journal has nothing much in it really. I generally don't post about real life other than when I complain about my study or my hobby-related mussing and I lock most of them recently. So if you want to friend me, beware of those posts. XD
Apart from that my post is probably about anime, manga, seiyuu and music. I post a lot of lyrics since I love karaoke. I also try to share stuff from time to time.

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